Assault rifles

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Assault rifles

Post by gsymko »

I'm sure this was asked before, is the BAR or Bren gun considered an assault rifle in close combat and what about the Lewis gun?

Just need confirmation

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Re: Assault rifles

Post by Archdukek »

The Bren and the Lewis are LMGs for all purposes. The BAR or Browning Automatic Rifle I would be include need to treat as an Assault rifle in close combat.

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Re: Assault rifles

Post by Seret »

The only assault rifle available in WWII was the StG-44.

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Re: Assault rifles

Post by Magpie »

Lewis, Brens and BAR's would be too unwieldy in a close in fight, sure you can shoot 'em on the way in but not once you get in close. Certainly not as handy as an SMG or Assault Rifle.
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