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Post by Truscott Trotter » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:51 am

Its not FAQ its errata the two parts are in the same pdf
I suggested that the two should be the same back in Sept 2014 ie AP 13 HE 11
However the answer came back with 11 11 so I assumed there was a reason for it
I'd give it armour 8 to allow for the very heavy mantlet as it was so prominent, make it heavy armour all round as its side armour was good. The gun runs in at 11 for AP and 11 for HE. Yes to Heavy gun as well.


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Post by Gun-Pit Paul » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:12 am

Consolidated Arsenal shows AP = 13, HE = 11 for both.

Also, IS-2, ISU-152 and SU-152 show 'Heavy Gun', should this be 'Heavy Armour'.
'Heavy Gun' is used in IABSM, not in CoC.

Not being an ars---le, just trying to clarify for that brain of mine.


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Post by sackatatties » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:00 pm

'Heavy Gun' is clarified in the new FAQ. It is actually mentioned in the rules under 7.4.1 but in a completely different context. You'll probably find that the 'JSU152 Heavy Gun' (yes 'J'SU! none of this 'I'SU Sov-speak nonsense) is a cut/paste error, as many of the original stats look like they were copied 'As-Is' from IABSM!

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Post by sackatatties » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:57 pm

Clarification on Gun Teams - spotted by MLB on the Yahoo Forums

This is how Rich answered on Yahoo:

To take your questions one at a time...

You ask: Take a Gun with a crew of 5 and a junior leader. Is the JL considered a member of the crew/team?

He's a member of the crew, but never part of the Team.

You ask: So, for example, does it require the crew of 5 and the Junior Leader to be casualties for the team to be considered 'wiped out'?

No. If the five crewmen are killed the Team is wiped out. When the Leader is killed it is a Leader Killed. Both require a roll on Force Morale, but different rolls.

You ask: If the only survivors of an attack are a single crew member and the JL, can the JL serve the gun so that they meet the minimum two crew members to function normally?

Yes, of course. He's part of the crew, but not the Team.

You ask: If the crew were to break and fall back, could the JL detach himself from the broken crew and return to serve the gun as a sole crew member?

Yes, but he's likely to be a big target.

You ask: If the same broken crew were later to rout off the table while the JL remained on the table, would this constitute a support routing off the table for force morale purposes?

Yes. A Support Team has routed off the table. Look at the Force Morale rolls, that is a good guide.

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Post by sackatatties » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:35 pm

GL activation for Japanese and French GL sections/teams

Posted by Rich on the FB group

Lardy RichGroup admin You don't need a CI per mortar. This is a squad/section which will fire together for one CI. Yes, that is an exception to the rule, but it's not unique. The French VB group can do the same.

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Post by sackatatties » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:49 am

From the Facebook Group

Andrew Holmes

2 March at 23:21

A few weeks ago there was some discussion here about the Beasts of War video in which Richard Clarke had a game of CoC. At one point he deploys a German squad and uses all the command initiatives from the JL to add to the LMG team fire. He also fires the rifle team. We couldn't see how this was achieved, so I asked big Richard on the yahoo group. Here is his reply.

"It's quite simple. Troops deploying can fire when they do so (on a 2 or 3), so, at the moment they deploy the Junior Leader has two spare CI. So, in this case he uses them to maximum effect. This is not accidental. It is the one moment when he has absolute control. His enemy have not seen him, his men are ready, he has pointed out their targets, he has checked the range. He looks around, every man hangs on his next word.....FEUR!
After that, it all goes tits up as the bullets are flying, but at that moment, he is King. "

This question was focused on a section deploying on a 3 with a JL and spending 2 CIs to use Maschinengewehr.

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Post by sackatatties » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:44 pm

From Yahoo group - an old one but relevant.

Had a close combat yesterday evening. A 2 man PIAT team with a senior leader directing them were unluckily caught by a full section of infantry and sustained five kill results. What happens to the leader?

1 - is he automatically hit or do we roll for him against the kill number to see if he has been hit?
2 - whether automatically hit or not, do we roll three times for the effect of the hit on the leader?
2a - if you do roll three times getting wounding results, do you then take three morale tests?
3 - am I right in thinking the 'no activation' wound roll basically means the leader is unconscious until the end of turn? i.e. He cannot move, rout etc and if contacted by enemy is captured.

On 4 March 2016 at 05:17, [Toofatlardies] <> wrote:

Hi Matt

I'm away at present so I can't quote you chapter and verse, although I know it's in there somewhere.

Once all the team are dead the Leader is automatically hit, you don't roll against the number of hits. So, in this situation the PIAT team dies and the leader takes three hits.

You now roll for all three hits before then rolling once in force morale for the worst result that occurred. So, if the leader is wounded twice and dies once, you only roll for the death. If he is wounded three times you just roll once for a wound.
You're right, if he's KO'd, you take him prisoner.


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Post by sackatatties » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:24 pm

From FB: Can troops out of LoS be taken as kills?

" Chaps. This looks to be a bit over-complicated. If you can't see a man, you can't kill him.

If you have four men firing from two windows you can't kill five of them. Just four. However, any shock caused is applied to their mates even though they can't be seen.

If you have four men on a hedge and a further four men in a position where the enemy can't see them, then you can only kill the four who are visible. However, as above, any shock can still be applied to their mates.

Why do the rules say that and not allow for ricochets etc.? Because when designing a game you either do or you don't. You try to come down clearly on one side or the other to make the riles clear. So, in this case, I decided that can't see = can't be hit for ordinary troops.

Why then, you may ask, should I roll for my Leader if I place him out of sight? Well, as we see in several areas, leaders are treated differently to other men. Leaders are considered to be placing themselves at a greater degree of risk in order to exert a positive influence on the men around them, so the risk for leaders remains even if their figure is not visible."

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Post by BasinisBACK » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:40 am

Just joined and I think this is the right place to post these questions...

1) If one (or more) members of a team are in short range of one (or more) members of the target team, I've counted the whole firing team as in range of the target team. Is this correct? Or should I dice with each figure in close range hitting on 4+ and each at effective range hitting on 5+ and treating the target team as 'in differing cover'? As an aside, if members of the team were within 12", but the junior leader with SMG was not within 12" I wouldn't allow the SMG to fire.

2) When placing JoPs, does 'in cover' include 'behind hills which block line of sight to enemy patrol markers'? I know you can deploy behind hedges, does this extend to hills too, or must I place the JoP back at the edge of the board?

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Post by Archdukek » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:35 pm

1) You should probably roll separately for those figures firing at short range and those firing at long. To be honest I often just measure from roughly the centre of the firing team to the centre of the target team and go with that without worrying too much. As long as you are consistent and your opponent is content to operate the same way. And yes if an SMG is more than 12" away it can't fire.

2) Yes behind a hill crest is fine for placing JOPs as long as they are out of sight.

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