All American-Turn 4

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john de terre neuve
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All American-Turn 4

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We played turn 4 in our All American campaign last Saturday. Had a very balanced game on a great looking table. Kudos to Pierre-Yves for the work put into the table.

A tough game for the Germans as you can see from the AR at ... urn-4.html

Maybe TT can give some advice to the Germans for their 2nd go!


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Truscott Trotter
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Re: All American-Turn 4

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Great looking table - my main tip is don't get those tanks killed! There is 4-6 easy FM losses to the Germans tied up there.
Second tip after softening up the Paras with HE , grenades etc. Get stick in HTH its you best way to reduce their numbers rather than by shooting

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Re: All American-Turn 4

Post by Rusty »

Yes those Yanks will kill them

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