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Truscott Trotter
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Re: General Campaign Questions

Post by Truscott Trotter »

Umm not sure there is a hard and fast rule on the combining.

If it is allowed in campaign then they (the author) should define when it is able to be triggered.

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Re: General Campaign Questions

Post by Archdukek »

I'd agree with TT about combining platoons. There is no hard and fast rule it varies in PSCs.

For example, in Kampfgruppe Von Luck there is no minimum level of dead required to amalgamate two platoons but if you do so you reduce your ability to rotatine platoons. Any surplus men are still held at Company level to provide a pool of future replacements. Old Hickory is similar.

If it isn't elaborated in All American then I'd suggest you simply agree with your opponent how you want to handle it for that campaign.


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john de terre neuve
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Re: General Campaign Questions

Post by john de terre neuve »

I was not suggesting a hard and fast rule, I was just using the one that you suggested from the Citadel PSC.

I think it would though defeat the purpose of the campaign to allow amalgamation to be too easy. Von Luck has 2 platoons and a 1 turn only platoon and with the alternating platoon rule, it is reasonable.

All American has 3 American platoons and an alternating platoon rule. As it stands now after 4 turns, with ad lib amalgamation, I could with a fair degree of confidence have nearly full or full platoons for the last 3 turns which is I believe a little unfair.
American Platoon 1: 3 dead.
American Platoon 2: 6 dead, 4 wounded (1 SL 6"CR w/2CI)
American Platoon 3: intact
Without the author stepping in, I think the rule from the Citadel PSC makes it reasonably tough for the Americans.

Thanks again,


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