Tips and tricks for US airborne. Help needed.

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Re: Tips and tricks for US airborne. Help needed.

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Truscott Trotter wrote:
Tue Nov 09, 2021 8:25 am
I have played with and against 6 dice elites and I do not find them broken at all. I am possible alone in this opinion but I like a challenge.😊

That said the US problem is 2 squads. If you attack with only 2 squads you will probably lose. If you defend with two squads you will certainly lose.🙄

So the first solution is always buy a 3rd squad if you have the points. There was a good reason why the US paras changed to 3 squads soon after D-Day..

Next you have to adapt to your opponent. If he has long range fire power, MMG twin LMG and HE then you need to use smoke and cover to advance and assault.

If they are lacking in those then you can use your elite in cover to soften them up first using the reroll 1's etc and force them to come to you , then interrupt and assault them first before they use the handgranrten on you. 😃
TT, the challenge. Just gotta play smart. Also design the scenario to allow extra points to buy that 3rd squad.
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Re: Tips and tricks for US airborne. Help needed.

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2 "better than the average" support weapons for the USA forces are the 60mm mortar and the .50 cal Browning machinegun.
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Re: Tips and tricks for US airborne. Help needed.

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Yup I agree Greg, so did the US Paras as they swapped to 3 squads pretty soon after D-Day.

As for the Reg Vs Vet argument I would follow history.
E.g. 82nd Airborne
1942 -43 Op Husky Reg
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Re: Tips and tricks for US airborne. Help needed.

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CoC is not a “line them up and shoot them game”. You have to use good tactics whatever the force, whatever the opponent. Getting into static fire fights in CoC is at best, a fool’s errand, and at worst, a sad and boring game of just rolling dice and fishing for hits. CoC is not an all singing, all dancing WW2 rule set. It is the infantry platoon commanders rule set. You are taking the part of the platoon commander. Getting into static fire fights will just get your men killed, and your missions will fail. Eventually your company commander will “promote” you to doing paperwork in the rear. So let’s look at what you can do.

You are playing elite American paratroopers. You are braver, faster, harder to target, and if playing strictly by the book, with a 6th Die, generating more extra phases, and many more Chain of Command dice. What you have in tricks you lack in fire power. Even with 3 squads, you will be putting out less fire power than the panzer grenadiers. So you have to outplay them.

First, outrange them. At Effective Range (18” or more) you hit on 5+, and they hit on 6+. You instantly cut their firepower in half. You can cut it half again with Covering Fire. Use the MG team to do so, as the rifle team throws the same number of dice, but rerolls 1’s. Now their vaunted 21 dice only generates 1-2 hits. Your rifle squad should being hitting 2-3 times. Now you are outshooting the Germans. If they want to get into Close Range, let them. While they are moving their firepower drops. Punish them for it. Use Marching Fire to maintain your range advantage while laying down fire.

Second, out maneuver them. The Americans scout better then almost anybody. Determine where on the battlefield you want the Germans to deploy. Then make then deploy there with a 2-man scout team. Then send the rest of your force the other way. Yes, you might get your scouts killed or broken. But being Elite, you should have Force Morale to spare.

Outmaneuvering doesn’t stop there. As Elite troops, you Deploy 9” from your Jump Off Points. This means you can get your entire 12-man squad in line and fire. In 28mm, a 10-man Regular squad will struggle to do so, making them Move, or Move and Fire to bring all their men to bear. This gives you more time to shoot, or move to Effective Range, or close on them.

Are you defending? Narrow their approach. In any scenario with a defender, the defending player chooses their board edge. So choose a short board edge. Now you only have 4 feet to defend, making better use of your 2 squads. Since you have much fewer Support points, narrow the field more. Mines are cheap, and historically Paratroopers carried Hawkins Grenades, which were used for this purpose. So is barbed wire, and while they didn’t jump with it, it would be brought up later by Engineers, or repurposed from the enemy. Use mines and wire to deny movement axis to the enemy, and funnel troops into your kill box.

Don’t be afraid to close with the Germans. A full 12-man Paratrooper Squad throws 21 dice in Close Combat (11 men, 2 for JL, 2 for Elite, 4 for Aggressive, and 2 more for SMG). Add in a Senior Leader, and that’s 26 dice. According to the FAQ, you can toss grenades at any point during movement. Do so! A SL and a JL together with their Squad can move and toss 4 grenades. Assuming all hit, that is 8 hits, saved as if in the Open. Taken together, that should swing almost any CC your way.

You should have higher Force Morale (Elites add 2 to the Force Morale die roll.) This means half the time you shoul have an 11 Force Morale. Use this to your advantage! You will move Patrol Markers first, so move aggressively to seize the ground you need, and deny the enemy advantageous Jump Off Points. In most scenarios, you will also go first, setting the tone for the entire game. Your Elite status also earns you a 6th die. Even if you go with the FAQ, and just turn 6’s into 5’s, you should generate loads of Chain of Command dice. Use them to ignore BTH tests, Interrupt the enemy, or End The Turn. The later is especially effective for disrupting mortar barrages, preliminary barrages, or for Routing broken units with leaders.

Taken all together, the Germans should be afraid of you, and not vice-versa. You are faster, braver, and full of tricks they cannot duplicate. Use proper tactics, and make your opponents fear you!

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