Who does 28mm WWII Allies in winter gear?

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Re: Who does 28mm WWII Allies in winter gear?

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Tank museum did a chat on uniforms IIRC one was a pixie suit

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Re: Who does 28mm WWII Allies in winter gear?

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Capt Fortier wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 12:51 pm
I'd never come across the term "pixie suit" before - why "pixie"? From my look online I'm guessing maybe the collar?

Having a look at them also took me down path to Churchill's romper or siren suits - which I always thought were just his unique wartime occassional - but apparently he'd invented it back in the '30s and the "Siren Suit" name had come from it being used as a coverall (particularly for pyjamas) when heading down to the air-raid shelter (thus the "siren" suit).

Question: did either the pixie suit or the siren suit ever get worn by infantry? I'm guessing not Churchill's pin-stripe or velvet versions, but maybe something hardier
The suit had a detachable hood that came to a point at the back. It apparently looked like an infants ‘romper suit’ to some people. AB produce rather good 20mm tank crew figures in the garment.

I cannot imagine that the ‘pixie suit’ was ever standard issue to infantry. Possibly some enterprising individuals acquired them for use away from the front line as they were warm and could, allegedly, be converted into a sleeping bag by manipulation of the zips.

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