2019 Lard Magazine article - Bahama Broadside

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2019 Lard Magazine article - Bahama Broadside

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Leigh on the Facebook group for Kiss Me Hardy asked a question about the Bahama Broadside scenario.

"Reading the Bahamas broadside scenario in latest lard mag. Where is the Creating Scenario Maps section found. Couldn't find it in To Covert Glory."

The answer to the question is a resounding "Oops." I created a map generator for Kiss Me Hardy that is included in a scenario supplement that I am working on called Spanish Invasion of Guale: July 5 to July 15, 1742: Colonial Georgia and the War of Jenkin’s Ear. It has scenarios for both Sharp Practice and Kiss Me Hardy. Most of the actions within occurred close to shore with small ships. Thus it was perfect for To Covet Glory. I should have caught the mistake before sending it to Nick but I didn't. So, to make up for it, I have uploaded the scenario generator needed for the scenario to the Facebook Group and to my PayHip store (free item). https://payhip.com/b/h7jE (To Covet Glory is also availible there, just saying.)

Here the terrain can be just an empty table and the scenario will work just fine. But adding in a coastline and or some sand bars really changes the tactical challenge of the scenario and gives the players a reason to be maneuvering about instead of heading in straight lines.

I also included a damage chart in case a player runs aground.

What I am doing for my games is having a blue cloth that I place sand bars and coast line that is under water on top of. These are pretty much jusst pieces of sand colored felt. I put a clear sheet of plastic over the top of this. Then add additional land feature on top of the clear sheet if needed.

If playing without an umpire, the pieces are as is. If playing without, the umpire can declare how much farther out from the features the shallow area actually extends. This can add some anxiety to the players whose charts may or may not be up to date. Anyway, hope this makes sense. Would love to see some game reports of the scenario out in the wild.
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