KMH with Black Seas Ships

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KMH with Black Seas Ships

Post by baxterj »

Given the BS ships are 1/700 scale, has anyone re-worked the KMH movement, firing etc to use them?

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Re: KMH with Black Seas Ships

Post by DeRuyter »

Not yet. I intend on using the "To Covet Glory" supplement for lake battles using large scale ships - It was written with larger scale ships in mind. The author did not change the movement and fire distances so we'll see how that plays out. (Although he uses inches until the ships come into range.)

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Re: KMH with Black Seas Ships

Post by Archdukek »

Although the KMH rules were written with 1:1200 scale ships in mind, I play them with 1:2400 models and have never felt the need to adjust movement or ranges. Both are abstractions and there is no real sea scale as such.
I've yet to try with the Black Seas models and I might switch to using inches if it better suits the aesthetics, but like De Ruyter I've noted that Chris Stoessen hasn't done so in "To Covet Glory". That might just reflect the lesser ranges of the guns on the smaller vessels, but I don't know.


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Re: KMH with Black Seas Ships

Post by Maraviglia »

I imagine either the game has to be played with the ranges just being a bit "small" or with a print off rescaling of the templates by 80%(?) and using inches.
This is all guess work though because I just got the free models on Wargames illustrated and so naturally picked up KMH.

So where can I find the "To covet glory" thing?

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Re: KMH with Black Seas Ships

Post by SteveBurt »

I've played KMH with my existing 1:600 scratch built ships, and being lazy and not wanting to get the big game table out, I just used the existing distances. Game worked fine.

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Re: KMH with Black Seas Ships

Post by genew49 »

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