Trying to make some ships

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Trying to make some ships

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I have gotten stuck into the War of Jenkin's Ear lately. I am trying to figure out how to make a Bilander, a galliot, a galley, a quarter-galley and some pirogues.

The Spanish fleet invading Georgia consisted of mostly older and out of date vessels and I am struggling to figure out how to build them. I have some Roman Seas models and some War Artisan models that I am trying to work with. The Roman Seas ships are HUGE by comparison. I was looking at their merchant ships and their Barbarians v Rome vessels. That doesn't seem the way to go.

I have the War Artisan 9 gun galley which I am thinking could make a galliot. I need to add something to the bow to make it look more the part.

Honestly, I am impressed that they were able to reach St Augustine and then St Simons Island, GA with the fleet. The pirogues alone don't seem sea worthy to me.

Anyone have any tips? I am trying this in 1/300 scale.
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