War of Jenkin's Ear book

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War of Jenkin's Ear book

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As I get closer to being ready to publish it, I need to sort out a cover for the War of Jenkin's Ear supplement. I have 2 covers so far. I am not 100% sold on either, nor am I ready to commit to the title yet.
The scenarios include both Kiss Me Hardy scenarios and Sharp Practice scenarios. Which looks better or are they both trash and I should start all over?

I have the images posted to my blog and on the SP facebook page. (https://cstoesen.blogspot.com/2022/05/w ... pdate.html)
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Re: War of Jenkin's Ear book

Post by fred »

My opinions

The first cover is very busy. And suggests infantry skirmishes. The font is unreadable - try something bigger and simpler

The second cover is much cleaner and more elegant, but says naval battles. I like this one more

If you are covering both naval and land skirmishes then any cover is going to be hard to find a good image for - unless its some kind of landing picture?

But clean clear text is really important - especially online where thumbnails are usually the first few anyone has
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