French Revolution

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French Revolution

Post by Chad »

I am looking to use LFS for the above. I have been painting and researching for some 18 months and have found a problem in the French organisation listed in the rules.

The organisation for ‘Les Amalgames 1794-95’ gives Demi-Brigades of one line plus two volunteer battalions. From my reading this formation was the ad hoc ‘embrigadement’ which took place during 1793. This was succeeded by Incorporation as new volunteer recruits were inserted in both line and volunteer battalions. The ‘Amalgame’ followed during 1794 when new battalions were formed by mixing the 27 companies of the separate battalions. It also appears that some of the new Demi-brigades consisted entirely of volunteer battalions And that the Amalgame was not entirely completed by the end of 1794.

In terms of the rules therefore I would appreciate some help on how to rate the fully amalgamated Demi-brigades for 1794-95 based on the above given that the distinction between ‘les blancs’ And ‘les bleus’ no longer applies. Thanks

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Re: French Revolution

Post by Zippee »

From the army lists

"Les Blancs" 1792-93 (12-18) 30% C class, Brittle SK1, 50% C class SK1, 20% B class SK1
"Les Bleus" 1792-93 (12-18) 30% D class Brittle SK0 GB, 30% D class Brittle Elan SK0 GB, 40% D class Elan SK0 GB

"Les Amalgames" 1794-95 (12-18) 1st and 2nd Btns as Les Bleus; 2nd Btns as Les Blancs; no Brittle units

Ligne Demi Brigades 1796-1801 (12-18) 20% D class Elan SK0 GB; 60% C class Elan SK1 GB; 20% B class Elan SK2 GB
Legere Demi Brigades 1796-1801 (8-12) 20% D class Elan SK1 GB; 60% C class Elan SK2 GB; 20% B class Elan SK2 GB

I should think given the above that the "fully amalgamated" demi-brigades of 94-95 would be similar to those of 96-01, whether they should be D, C or B class is based on the individual unit's performance. With 18 months research behind you I would think you're in the best position to make that judgement call.

Also not sure how the optional rules would apply but I suggest keeping them in place as it's still pre 1796. That might affect your decision on which units are D class though.

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