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New command system

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:13 am
by Giogames
Guys, sorry for my english...
At the Wargames Club Lecco (Italy), we often play napoleonic battle with LFS.
We love it, but some situations are too casual and not realistic....
Now, we are thinking a new command system. Instead of drawing randomly commanders cards, each player has a own deck and at beginning of the turn plans the order in which their commanders will be activated, the turn is divided into rounds. Each round each reveals the top command card on the deck, then a roll of 1d6 + LFS factor will determine who will activate its commander. If tie, commander with higher LFS factor or characteristic (bold before cautions) move first. Opportunity to insert the "Grand Tactical" card. In this version "Rally" and "Poor/Cautions" cards are not used.
So doing, the commanders in front line, in reserve, in march column on the road or who enter as reinforcements, will be activated with the right sequence, preferring planning to chance.
What do you think?
Next scenario (Liebertwolkwitz 1813), we will test it.
Have a nice 2017!