New nappy rules

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Re: New nappy rules

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Le Feu Sacre is the only one that counts at the level I'm thinking about and looking at the forum activity its not the most active of rulesets. That might suggest a new version may be needed:)
I have Le Feu Sacre rules, but when you look at the forums internet wide it gives you a good indication of what people are playing.
Im hopeful that a new Nappy set of rules from the Lardy Gods will reflect some of the more innovative Command and Control features we all enjoy in CoC.

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Re: New nappy rules

Post by Zippee »

It never was - it had its own forum and group. The Yahoo FUBAR killed LFS discussion dead. LFS3 is the new version - it didn't take the world by storm.

COC hit the market at a sweet spot - a similar alternative grand scale Napoleonic set is unlikely to do the same. And TFL have a lot of public kudos in WWII - more so than Daz rates for Napoleonics sadly.

They did that already Sharp Practice was the previous big winner.

COC are extremely successful in TFL terms - I'm far from convinced they compete at the FOW and BA level though. Again sadly.

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