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Combat Results

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:25 pm
by michaelk1776
I am new to this group, so if this question has already been addressed, I apologize in advance.

The situation is this, Line Cavalry unit 'A' charges Light Cavalry unit 'B' which is 6 inches away. As cavalry counter charging meet halfway, they meet 3 inches from the starting point of Cav unit A. All other things being equal the Line Unit A has a net +1 to the die roll. Unit A rolls a 7, with the +1 becomes an 8 on the Cav vs. Cav table, yielding a 'B' Result. A 'B' result says that the Cavalry Break Off 8" and is blown, and it being Cav vs. Cav, there are no casualties. The question How is this result applied? a.) Does Unit A retreat the 8 inches, putting it 5 inches behind its starting point, even though it 'won' (sort of), leaving the Lower CV unit in place? b.) Do both units retreat 4 inches from the point of contact, TOTALING 8 inches? c.) Or, does the lower CV retreat the 8 inches? In all cases, I assume that BOTH Cavalry units would be Blown. Our logic decided option b, was the most equitable as the resulting die roll was relatively high, but we want to know for sure.

Re: Combat Results Cav vs Can

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:23 am
by Giogames
In the Wargames Club Lecco (Italy), we apply the following results: BOTH cavalry units retreat 8" front enemy, blown with no casualties...I think this is plausible, realistic and works well in the game.