Maori Wars

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Re: Maori Wars

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Quick newbie question while we’re at it; how do you apply the Prominent Leader characteristic? Does it only apply if any Leader in the force is wounded/killed, or just the most senior one? Does the Leader have to be attached to the Group/Formation with that characteristic when the wound/kill is suffered, and does it only apply to the senior Leader if two are attached to the same formation?

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Re: Maori Wars

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I've never been certain and so avoid it for that reason. It could be just the most senior leader currently with the unit (if there is one, if there isn't, it wouldn't apply, obviously), or it could just be the overall commander of the force. Your guess is as good as mine.

I've taken to using Surly instead for native sin the FIW, but I'm not sure I'd go with that for the Maori necessarily. It's much simpler to implement though and has a similar overall effect, albeit more 'long term' .

I think it'd be better for Prominent Leader just mean you roll twice for BtH when a Leader is killed/wounded/routs and take the worst result. Harsher than Surly but more Leader-specific.
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