Activations vs. Uncontrolled

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Activations vs. Uncontrolled

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Earlier I had asked about "if removing shock activates a unit when dealing with an uncontrolled volley". To which I did get a clear answer. Well, in the same vane, a unit is in a state of "Uncontrolled Volley" (it has fired before and now will continue to fire and load until placed under control). Does it take a Leaders activation point to conduct this the uncontrolled volley? An example: a level 1 officer's card is pulled, his unit is firing uncontrolled volleys, is he free to apply his one activation point elsewhere and still have his unit continue to fire? In other words does it cost an activation point to conducted forced uncontrolled firing? Thank you.
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Re: Activations vs. Uncontrolled

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A unit always requires to be activated to fire effective Controlled or Uncontrolled Volleys.
So if the Leader uses his Command Initiative to do something else other than activate the unit to bring it back under Control, the unit is considered to be still firing uncontrolled but it’s fire is ineffective.

In my games I usually insist that if a Uncontrolled Formation’s Leader is activated he must spend a CI attempting to bring it back under control. If he fails the unit is activated and fires.

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