moving into cointact

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moving into cointact

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Can a unit move into contact with an enemy unit that was not in its LOS at the start of its move? For example, if there is a British unit 5" in the woods, can a French unit move into fisticuffs with that unit even though it is out of the French unit's LOS when the French unit begins its move?

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Re: moving into cointact

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My answer's the same as before. Basically 'yes', but occasionally it might not be sensible to allow it.

As I say, it's a basic presumption that being on the table means your general whereabouts are known to the enemy.
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Re: moving into cointact

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Move forward with one action so now you should be within visibility range. Now charge into contact with your remaining action. Or just assume that's what is being done and roll two dice as suggested by Captain Reid. Second way is quicker and easier. First way avoids conflict with those "Rules Lawyers" you may be unfortunate enough to play with.

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