Attention entrants in the #brunswickers painting event

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Attention entrants in the #brunswickers painting event

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've noticed that quite a few of you are entering this month's "paint some Brunswick Black Horde" competition and, judging by the photos I have seen on your Twitter accounts, making a very fine job of it. This competition comes to a conclusion at the end of this month which, as luck would have it, is also the deadline for this year's Lardy Magazine.

For my sins, I am putting together a two-part article on Napoleonic-era Brunswickers for the aforementioned publication. Part 1 (for 2020) will cover the 100 days, and Part 2 (for 2021) will be the 1809 and Peninsula forces. Ostensibly, this will be for Sharp Practice, but most of the information will be viable for General d'Armee and Le Feu Sacre, or indeed any other Napoleonic rule set.

Now, here's where these two things marry together.....would any of you be interested in supplying photos of your finished and based 100 Days Brunswickers to support Part 1? In essence, I already have a Peninsula force (and am currently trying to talk a well-known manufacturer of 28mm figures into making figures for the 1809 campaign), but - as yet - I have no completed units for Quatre Bras and Waterloo. I have set out a list of "wants" below which must be 28mm figures (not 6/10/15/18/54/77/lifesize mm - sorry!) and only for the Waterloo campaign; there is no fee (that also goes for me!), but your contributions will be generously accredited, both in the individual picture captions, and en masse (or any other formation you prefer!) at the end of the article, so there is an opportunity for La Gloire. Which, if we're honest, is what Napoleonic gaming is really all about, isn't it? So here we go then:

1) One or more individually based mounted officers/staff, which must include the Duke himself (for whom there is a special rule).
2) A formation of either 8 or (preferably) 16 hussars, plus one/two leaders (officer and/or sergeant) and a trumpeter.
3) As above, but for Uhlans.
4) A formation of three/four 8-figure groups of Leib Battalion, plus three/four leaders (preferably one mounted and at least one sergeant), and a musician
5) As above, but for Light Infantry.
6) As above, but for Line Infantry, which should also include a colour party (again, special rule).
7) A group of either 6 or (preferably) 12 Leib Battalion skirmishers, plus two leaders (officer and sergeant); converted bugler also if possible.
8) As above, but for Light Infantry, which should definitely also include a bugler.
9) As above, but for Line Infantry; bugler optional.
10) One Horse Artillery gun and crew, with a leader (limber and team, caisson etc optional, but not essential)
11) As above, but for Foot Artillery.
12) Avante-Garde - this is a little more complicated, so gets a section to itself:
- A group of 6 or (preferably) 12 Gelernte Jager skirmishers, plus one/two leaders (officer and/or sergeant) and bugler
- A group of 6 or (preferably) 12 Light Company skirmishers, plus one/two leaders (officer and/or sergeant) and bugler
- A formation of three/four 8-figure groups of Light Company men, plus three/four leaders including at least one sergeant, and a bugler

Extra marks (ie preferential selection) will be applied to submissions that substitute FRENCH 6-pdrs (sorry, but they did NOT use British guns) for 10) and 11), and for anyone who has converted a mounted officer and a drummer for 12) the Avante-Garde Light Companies (the mounted leader is equally acceptable as a Gelernte Jager).

I appreciate that it is unlikely that any of you will have all of the above options - although if anyone does, please do let me know ASAP, as a common painting/basing style would really add to the impact.

PM me on here if you wish to submit photos; I shall PM you back with my own email address to which you can send the photos. Deadline for the article is the end of October; deadline for choosing the photos is end of first full week of November - so get 'em in!

Many thanks, in grateful anticipation!
Baron von Wreckedoften

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