Army Lists for Marlborough /Queen Annie's War

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Army Lists for Marlborough /Queen Annie's War

Post by Danni1 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 4:01 pm

I was just reading "Marlborough: A Fragile Genius" and I was struck hard and heavy by the desire to refight the campaigns of 1700 to 1707 using Sharp Practice-does anyone know of any army lists out in cyber -land that I could use.?

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Re: Army Lists for Marlborough /Queen Annie's War

Post by Counterpane » Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:22 am

I asked the same question - I think on the Facebook group. A tumbleweed drifted by on the wind. Nobody spoke.

Perhaps an exchange of ideas here is called for?

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Re: Army Lists for Marlborough /Queen Annie's War

Post by Groupe_Franc » Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:41 am

The War of the Spanish Succession is tricky because it shows a major change in infantry and cavalry tactics. For example, some infantry used platoon fire, some used rank fire. The difference has to do with the number off muskets firing. Cavalry: some attacked at the gallop with sword, some at the trot preceeded by a pistol salvo. So defining the armies is not easy. I agree that a discussion is in order.
I have made a very preliminary troop definition based on the principle that there was not much difference between the various armies. It's not "ready for prime time" but if you PM me with an email address, I'll send it to you.

Graf von Daun.

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