ITLSU MG fire against troops in trenches

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ITLSU MG fire against troops in trenches

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Hello All

Our recent game led to an interpretation discussion of the above.
Section 9.5 says, "MG fire can only kill troops in trenches at short range. Kill results obtained at effective or extreme range become additional suppression results."
and "Firing on targets in hard cover: count as next range band up" (we class trenches as hard cover).

How do other players interpret this?
(A) MG fire at short range against trenches cannot inflict kills as 6s on the effective range band just cause 2 suppressions.
(B) MG fire uses the effective range band for effect but is still classed as short range, therefore 6s cause a kill plus a suppression.

Thanks in advance for your views on this.

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Re: ITLSU MG fire against troops in trenches

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Hi Martin,
We would go with B and accept that a 6 is a kill because the MG is actually firing at short range. It means that 5 is only a Suppression result if the target is in a trench.

If you went with A then MGs would have to fire at Dead Close range 4" to get any kills on troops in trenches.


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