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Derek H
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Mike Scott ran his ITLSU Dilbar game at Claymore yesterday. And very nice it was too.




Anyone interested in the period should take a look at his (not a) blog at http://www.michaelscott.name/ww1/ww1blog/ww1blog000.htm, it's inspirational stuff.
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Re: Dilbar 1915 scenario

Post by djbamforduk »

Great stuff!
It is a shame that Michael did not continue this blog after his 1915 Dilbar scenario, which I have been thinking of gaming myself after reading the same official account with the sketch map.
Did Michael ever sort out the Royal Navy fire support? There was a 'friendly fire' incident in the palm grove during the historical action, so there is a definite need for some 'friction' there!
I agree that this kind of Back of Beyond / WWI Middle East stuff looks better in smaller scales like 15mm or 10mm in order to give a better sense of the battlefields. There has been some spectacular stuff done in 28mm, but the battlefields look too cluttered to my eye.
The Eureka Miniatures 15mm World War One Middle East figures are particularly attractive. My only problem is that no one seems to make WWI Gurkhas in 15mm - not even Eureka - although Gurkhas were only involved later on including some street fighting with twin-turreted Austin armoured cars.
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Re: Dilbar

Post by AAR »

Lovely to see an ITLSU update. The Blog is well worth a look, hopefully he will do more.

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