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Command Initiative cards, 1914 French

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:28 pm
by Darren
Hi All,

The following is the French Infantry Platoon organisation for 1914. It took me awhile to get my head around that they called their platoons, sections. And then divide the section into half sections and then squads.

Section (2 half-sections)
Commanded by 1 lieutenant (or second lieutenant) and 1 file-closer sergeant
1st Half-Section (2 squads)
Commanded by 1 sergeant
1st Squad (Riflemen):
1 corporal, 14 riflemen (15 men)
2nd Squad (Riflemen):
1 corporal, 13 riflemen (14 men)
2nd Half-Section
Commanded by 1 sergeant
3rd Squad (Riflemen):
1 corporal, 14 riflemen (15 men)
4th Squad (Riflemen):
1 corporal, 13 riflemen (14 men)

I have a total of 8 big men being;
1, Officers, Lv3
1, file closer Sargent, Lv3
2, half section Sargents, Lv2
4, squad corporals, Lv1
The levels are what I have allocated to each big man.

For command Initiative cards this I what I think I need based on one card per 2 big men.
A total of 4 cards.
2, Lv1
1, Lv2
1, Lv3

Have I done this correctly?