Grand Scale Dux

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captain chook
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Grand Scale Dux

Post by captain chook » Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:22 am

On the Yahoo group there is a conversation about playing Dux with larger units as this is more aesthetically pleasing for some. These are looking at 8 or 10 figures per group.
The idea is to keep play the same, with each figure contributing one die to combat. I wonder whether this will alter the balance between the Saxons and Romano-British as more dice will inevitably mean more casualties and a reducing ability of shield wall units to shrug these off:

A group of 12 vs a levy shield wall of 12 (2 units of 6) would expect, on average, 2 kills spread over the 2 units. Each unit will negate a kill due to being in shield wall - overall 0 kills.

A group of 20 vs a levy shield wall of 20 (one group of 2 units, each 10 figures) would expect, on average 3.33 kills over the 2 units. Only one kill negated each group, therefore 1 kill inflicted with 1/3 chance of a second.

I had thought, if I had enough figures, about playing Dux where 2 or 3 figures would contribute a die to combat - thereby increasing figures on the table without altering the balance in combat. The problem here is do I increase movement/missile and command ranges? Should these be kept the same as in a big battle with more troops command and control would be more difficult and maneouvre would be less of an issue than in a skirmish?

What would we call this version of the game?
Dux Deluxe?


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Re: Grand Scale Dux

Post by EvilGinger » Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:07 pm

its been sugested & possibly even done by some of the people doing Dux in 15mm. Other than that changing group sizes at least within the normal lardie group size ranges of 6-12 men per group may well have rather more theoretical implications than practical ones

I have played with different group sizes mostly for the look of the thing & found the system seems to cope without observable differences.

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Re: Grand Scale Dux

Post by glenn » Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:10 pm


I think it dosent matter how large the units are .

only it's getting more bloody du to more combat dices what is fine by mi ....

command and movement as to stay the same .
fire range the same .

a fue more nobles are always welcome i think ...

shieldwalls are strong in the front but if thaken in the rear ( capre diem card played) there in for a surprice hihii

if playing the british side you have to think 3 moves ahead du to shieldwalls and movement are to different things ...

i hope this was helping in anyway

Cheers Glenn,

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