Raid on a Border tower

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Raid on a Border tower

Post by SteveBurt » Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:39 pm

We played our first Dux Brit game in ages last night. A continuation of our campaign (last event was a Saxon siege failing due to disease and the approach of winter).
Now it is spring and the Saxons are back to try and capture a British noble. The devils.
I played the Saxons (two groups of warriors now beefed up to 8 men), my opponents took the two groups of British - the patrol and the guys at the border tower.
An entertaining game, but I must say in this sort of mobile running fight the Saxons have a huge advantage; they have better quality troops and they are more mobile. The Brits formed shieldwall but the Saxons just run round behind it so it helps not at all.
I thought for a long time the Brits were going to escape, then at the last moment I managed to capture a noble; the British launched a desperate counter attack with their elite reserve, but the Saxons used 'Step Forth' to charge first with their elites, routing the British and capturing the Lord as well! There will be feasting in the halls of Raedwald tonight, and a desperate attempt to find ransom money in the halls of Uther. The Saxons got some more men in the form of a unit of skirmishers.
The next Saxon progression requires them to capture a province so they don't have to pay taxes. So we'll be having a battle soon.

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john de terre neuve
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Re: Raid on a Border tower

Post by john de terre neuve » Mon May 04, 2015 12:16 pm

Sounds like a good game.

It is good to see so many players starting up Dux campaigns. Myself and Adam have really had a good time with our campaign.


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