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Re: Rules help

Post by Redbad » Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:15 pm

Sorry to piggy-back on this Topic but I couldn't locate the "function buttons" to generate my own.

When a Lord delivers a speech he gets a +1 modifier if he is "Born to the Purple".(Pg. 26)In addition, the rules state "Bards and Scops will assist you in the Pre-Game phase" (Pg.66)but it is not elaborated upon and I can find no further reference in the rule book other than the hiring of a Scop for a one-time payment of a Beggar's Bowl of lucre (Pg.17). Is the function of a Bard or Scop to add a +1 modifier to the delivery of a Lord's speech in the Pre-Game phase or do they perform a different role?

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