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Raider Ambush Points

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 10:08 am
by Crusty Colonel
Hi there,
I'm a newbie to Dux, and had the privilege of playing my first game at VL3 a couple of months ago. I thought the game was great and have subsequently played many solo games in my limited time in the UK.

I have also watched the development of Infamy over the past few months and really like the use of ambush points. This got me thinking that there could be a way to introduce this into Dux. In fact an 'ambush' is allowed under the pre-battle phase: Begnino Numinae, Miracle, Surprise. However, it's not going to happen very often, and I think this sort of thing is what raiders would be especially adept at.

My thoughts as follows (yet to be tried out):

• Ambush points may be placed anywhere on the table, but must be based in a terrain feature and at least 12" away from the opposition’s deployment zone.

• The Scotti and Irish forces are allowed up to two ambush points, the Picts three. Britons & Saxons are not allowed any ambush points.

• Only the following troop types can deploy from an ambush point: Raiders, Raider Cavalry, Skirmish Cavalry, Commanded Skirmishers and War Hounds. No Noble troops or Chariots can deploy from an ambush point.

• Ambush points cannot be activated when an enemy is within 2" of them.

• Ambush points are closed down when an enemy makes contact with the point, even if they subsequently move away from that point.

• Troops may deploy from any ambush point when their respective card is dealt. At the instant they are revealed any enemy Group within 12" will take one point of shock if Elite troops, two if Warriors or three if Levy. No saves are allowed.

• All Troops, less Skirmishers, deploying from an ambush point must move directly towards the nearest enemy Group. If their movement takes them far enough, they will automatically contact the enemy.

• Any Fate Card, including ‘Darting Blow’, can be used in conjunction with deployment from an ambush point.

Anyone else have some thoughts on this? Will it distort the game too much in the Raiders' favour?

Re: Raider Ambush Points

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 9:34 pm
by alang
I would be hesitant to introduce any more than a single ambush point (if that). Infamy uses these to reflect the intimate geographical knowledge of local defenders. Raiders by definition are outsiders so their local knowledge would be lacking. Alan

Re: Raider Ambush Points

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 6:34 am
by Crusty Colonel
Agreed, but I was more thinking of using this when Saxons were raiding into Scotti, Irish, or Pict homelands.

Re: Raider Ambush Points

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 8:02 am
by alang
Potentially very powerful indeed. Is there a limit on the accumulation of shock? from arriving units. Placing points relatively close together and arriving multiple units in the same or concurrent turns may have the effect of crippling the standard Britons force (with its compulsory levies) before anything happens on table. So what incentive is there for the Britons to raid at all? They would be better off standing always on the defensive in home territory where this disadvantage would not apply. Alan

Re: Raider Ambush Points

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 11:24 am
by Crusty Colonel
Yes, points noted, especially accumulation of shock (perhaps only the first time it happens?), and I may have to say ambush sites are not allowed any closer than x" to each other.

My idea is for Northumbrian / Dal Riata / Pictavia scenarios - mid to late 7th Century-ish, so no Britons (and therefore no Levy) just Saxons.

In 'Battles of the Dark Ages', Peter Marren quotes Bede to say that Ecgfrith was lured into this dangerous area [Dunnichen] with its plentiful ambush possibilities. This is what I'm trying to replicate to a certain degree.

One of the reasons for looking at this was that I've seen several comments that the Raider armies are very fragile. I'll run a few play tests and see how it goes.