Some questions from first game.

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Some questions from first game.

Post by wkeyser » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:36 am

A couple of questions.

First on the Step Forth Card, since it is not a suited card it can be played at any time. This seems to mean in one of your nobles activation or during the enemy’s nobles turn.

Now let’s say the Saxon noble card is pulled so the Saxon player wants to charge an enemy unit that is all by itself, however the British player has a Step forth Card. What are his options?
1 can he activate a British noble and can the British noble who is then activated, can he then use a card from his hand that is a suited card or even one of the un suited card.
2 Can the activated British noble use his activation to use his command points to activate other units within his command span?
3. At what point in the opponents activation can he use his card. I guess the question is can it be used when the enemy declares an action but before he does it. Or does he have to wait until the declared action by the enemy is done?

The Carpe Diem card.
I have seen various post on this and how it is used is there an official clarifications on this.
1 Once the noble’s card is pulled he wants to use a multiple cards. Does he declare the Carpe diem and all the cards he wants to use, even though he might not be in a position to use them later (ie not enough movement, enemy evades or played a Step Forth card).
2 Once the noble is activated and declares a Carpe diem and lays down let’s say five cards, can he then use his nobles command to use these cards on multiple units.
So let’s say a leader with a rank of III, uses a Carpe Diem. He then activates his elite unit to charge the enemy he uses A Strong Arm on that unit and after shooting he then activates another unit and uses Disengage on a unit locked in combat from another turn and then activates another unit to charge another enemy and uses Hero of the Age to boost the Noble that is with that unit. He then uses Audacia on the first units combat.

Also when a side uses Carpe Diem can he lay down a number of suited cards that he cannot use but does so in order to get the extra d6 per card? I kind of don’t think so but I think you could argue that the use of the card is to get on d6 for combat and not necessarily the effect written on the card?

Also when playing multiple cards the rules state that no two suit cards with the same effect may be played. Does that mean that I cannot for example play one card with one suite and then the same card with a different suite?

I assume that no figure in a formation can move more than the result of the d6 roll?
Movement in combat, during combat can individual figures move into combat if say casualties cause the figure not to have any enemy engaged with it. Essentially can figures step forward while the formation or unit is engaged?

I am thinking they can but only on their activation?

Status of a Campion Can they command? Do they count as Nobel for the Force Morale check? If they have not fought in the pregame ritual, am I right in saying they take two hits to kill them and they can take hits for their lord? Is there a distance that he needs to be of his Lord in order to take the hits for the Lord?

Nobles and Leader commanding units. I seem to have seen that you must organize your force so that the Nobles are commanding specific units, and during the game they and the Lord are the only ones that can activate those units. Does this apply also to card use? That an activated noble can only play cards on the units he commands??? I actually really like that idea but not sure if that is how you play the game.

Well those are the questions from the first game. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Some questions from first game.

Post by GunnarL » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:02 pm

Step Forth:

1: Reading the rules as written, since the noble is being activated, technically he should be able to play suited cards.
2: Yes
3: He may use the card at any time.

Carpe Diem:

1: I would say the cards are used sequentially, no need to reveal them unless the conditions required for use are met and they are played.
2: Correct, as long as the groups or formations are within command range, he may play the cards. Remember though, if the noble is in the first rank of combat, his range is limited only to 3".
Also 1: Although the rules don't make this explicitly clear, I would rule that the card effects must be possible in order to play the card.
Also 2: Since it does not say the same suit, it must be interpreted as no two cards, of any suit, with the same effect may be played in the same activation.


1: Correct. I would fudge this for entering buildings, but otherwise, they go as far as the dice and no further.
2: The first two ranks always fight. If you were to have another group behind those two ranks, they would only fight if they are within 2" of the nearest attacking model. If you are referring to models that are part of a group in combat, but not able to fight, such as a shieldwall with an overlap that prevents models from joining combat, then they do not fill gaps. However, since in this situation the owner of the shieldwall allocates their own hits, they can remove the models that are unable to fight as casualties, essentially making it so gaps are filled. Remember though, this situation only applies for shieldwall formations. Mass formations will always fight with all models if they are in two ranks, since they always wrap around.


The Champion is not a noble and may not command. Since he is not a noble, when he dies, it doesn't matter. He is essentially just an extra wound for your Lord.

Commanding Units:

While at the start of the game, you designate who is under the command of who, that is only for deployment purposes. Once they are on the field, the only restriction is that Nobles may not command groups or formations attached to a higher level leader, since they out rank them.

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Re: Some questions from first game.

Post by wkeyser » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:25 am

Thanks for the response.

One follow up if for filling in figures during combat. Lets say a formation of 12 figures has taken hits so on the left flank the first two figures do not have any figures behind them and are then struck in the flank by an enemy who uses Carpe deim. The unit is no long in formation but does he only fight with the first figure on the flank and the second figure only if he is within 2" of the enemy. Does the attacker move his figures forward until his figures are contacting more enemy figures?

And can the unit hit on the flank lets say the carpe diem was not used so the figures turn to face and lets say that he was really lucky and the combat goes to a second round of combat. Now can the unit who was struck on the side move figures to engage the enemy figures?


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Re: Some questions from first game.

Post by GunnarL » Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:28 pm

I think that this is pretty succinctly answered on page 49.

It depends on how the groups in formation are oriented. If they are side by side (G-G-G), the contacted group will fight in full and if the nearest group is within 2" of the point of contact in the second round of combat (supposing it lasts that long), they will join as well. If the groups are in front of each other (G/G), the contacted group will fight in full and the nearest group (within 2" of contact) may turn and fight in the second round of combat.

Remember, any formation contacted in the flank or is automatically broken, which means that groups will fight individually and when an individual group fights, all figures in the group will turn and fight the enemy, moving into position in order to do so. The only time not every figure in a group can fight is when they are in shieldwall and contacted to the front, but part of an overlapping group, which is discussed on page 43.

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