Support weapons in squads

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jay arnold
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Support weapons in squads

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I've been looking in the rules for mention of support weapons in squad organization. Can't find it. I'm wanting to put a missile launcher in the squad for mixed AT/AP purposes. I'm fine with the ML taking all of the squad's actions to fire.


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Vis Bellica
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Re: Support weapons in squads

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Hi Jay

I do this in two different ways.

Sometimes I make the ML a company or platoon asset, and then attach it to the squad so it activates under their card. So a standard squad of 8 men would become an enhanced squad of 10 men. The squad has it's usual number of Actions (here for 8 men). The ML team also have their own Actions, the same number as the squad, but the two units must stay together i.e. If one moves, the other must move with it using its own Actions to do so (so if those Actions have already been used to shoot, neither unit can move). The enhanced squad therefore has very good spotting and firing. For example, the enhanced squad has 3 Actions. It can move for two dice, then the squad can use its last Action to spot or fire, as can the ML team.

Sometimes I make the ML team part of the squad. This is effectively exactly the same as the above, but the ML team don't have their own Actions I.e. You have an 8 man squad that has a ML carried by a squad member that it can use instead of doing something else.

Hope that helps


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