No shooting!

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No shooting!

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I have a slightly different question to most here I think. How would you go about making an army of aliens that are quite the swarm but have zero shooting capabilities?
As you can probably guess, I've been inspired by Aliens, the main bugs of Starship troopers and a little by GW's Tyranids. For models I'll be going to Pendraken's sci fi range.

I'm thinking of something like;

Multiple squads per platoon, possibly 5, 3 of them being 10 "men" regulars each including a Level 1 big man. The other 2 being 10 "men" militia little gribblies (face hugger types) with no big men. Each platoon gets a Level 2(?) big man.
They count as armed with flamethrowers for close combat purposes only and can arrive by "powered" drop (tunneling).
They should probably get the highest number of dummy blinds allowable (but the human army I'd make to oppose them will have kit to aid spotting) and the deck should have additional movement cards in the deck, say 1 per platoon.

Any thoughts or suggestions so far?

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