Vehicle Platoon Orders

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Vehicle Platoon Orders

Post by Calembach »

Hi all

I don't quite understand how the platoon orders for vehicles are meant to be used.
Are vehicles required to operate under a platoon order unless activated individually by a big man?
Or can they act individually, activated when the platoon card is drawn like an infantry squad?
And finally a slightly different topic, is it acceptable and or useful to mix vehicles in platoons, for example an AA vehicle mixed in tanks?

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Re: Vehicle Platoon Orders

Post by Archdukek »

Never played Quadrant 13, but in the “I Ain’t Been Shot Mum” rules on which the Q13 rules are based, a Big Man can use a Command Initiative to issue a Platoon Order which all the relevant vehicles in the platoon must comply with making it simpler to control multiple vehicles. Individual vehicles can be given separate orders by the Big Man at the cost of 1 CI each.
If not activated by the Big Man then each vehicle can activate individually when the platoon card is drawn, but you can’t use it to place them on a Platoon Order.

Hope that helps,

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