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Frothers Discussion

Post by kyotebue3 »

With Frothers forum closing down, we are looking for a place to have discussions regarding the posts and posters at The Miniatures Page (TMP).

Would it even be possible for us to use TFL as a neutral place to have a dialog between TMP and Frothers???

Just one thread.

Derek Hodge has told us how much you guys dislike TMP and of how Richard tried to get other businesses to stop advertising on their site, so it would be awesome if we had a place among others who hold the same views.


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Re: Frothers Discussion

Post by Peter »

Personally, I would rather such a thread was not on the forum.

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Re: Frothers Discussion

Post by donglewwe »

A) No

B) Considering the rampant impersonation/trolling occurring at present, the identity of the OP should be assigned with more than the usual scepticism.

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Re: Frothers Discussion

Post by Richard »

No is definitely the answer.

Whilst I was very clear in saying the companies should try to ensure that their advertising was placed with sites and businesses which promoted the hobby in a positive manner, I certainly did not contact other companies to tell them what they should be doing. I still feel very strongly that sites which encourage a high level of contemporary political comment based on some bizarre caveat that it is actually history do absolutely nothing to promote a hobby where we all get along due to our shared love of military history and toy soldiers, irrespective of our individual political beliefs.

I think that TNMP is an example of precisely the type of click bait subjects that are designed to create arguments and strife, as is witnessed by the need for a 'Dawghouse', something no other forum in the wargaming internet has any need for. Personally my response to that was to withdraw our advertising and I no longer go there. (Indeed, I am banned from the site so couldn't go there if I wanted to.)

That said, on my occasional recent visit to Frothers I didn't find that much better. Lots of people posting claiming they are someone else. A vast amount of personal abuse flying about in what is, frankly, playgound language. It's the last thing I want here and that type of behaviour would simply not be acceptable.

In truth, my advice would be to forget all about the whole Frothers versus TMP spat and get on with enjoying your hobby. That's what we are all doing here.


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Re: Frothers Discussion

Post by genew49 »

Well said Rich

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Re: Frothers Discussion

Post by Derek H »

Richard wrote:
Thu Apr 14, 2022 10:59 am
No is definitely the answer.
I can agree 100% with that :-)
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Re: Frothers Discussion

Post by Thaddeus Blanchette »

Pretty sure the OP is not Jonathan Keepers. The few folks hanging around Frothers taking the piss have been pretty scrupulous about not involving other sites. However, the anonymous troll hitting Frothers has done their level best to try to cause shit between certain posters there and TFL.

It’s almost as if they don’t like TFL or something. We know they don’t like Frothers.

Besides, when Frothers collapses, there’s a Facebook page set up if anyone still cares enough to point and laugh at certain ridiculous things in the hobby.

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