Prison Break - CoC40k Playtest AAR

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Prison Break - CoC40k Playtest AAR

Post by unhingedtangent »


The second playtest report of CoC40k has been uploaded.
You can find it here ... laytest-2/

We played a prison break with Ultramarines on the attack trying to bust open a Tau prison.
Primary tests for this game were for refined deployment options, psychic powers, leader/ HQ abilities and the introduction of basic shock into the hybrid game.

The game flowed very smoothly and was quite tense until the end.


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Re: Prison Break - CoC40k Playtest AAR

Post by DougE »

Interesting aspect to a game that I used to play (not anymore)
What were some of the thoughts on this idea and how did you come up with weapon stats and Space Marines armour n stuff? Curious is all.


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Re: Prison Break - CoC40k Playtest AAR

Post by Archdukek »

If you check out the General Discussion section of the Forum you will find a lengthy thread discussing the thinking behind this approach to using CoC with Warhammer 40k forces. That may answer some of your questions.


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