29, Let's Go! campaign (updated 26 07 20)

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Re: 29, Let's Go! campaign (updated 26 07 20)

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Capt Fortier wrote:
Tue Jul 28, 2020 1:17 pm
Great campaign and write-up. You captured the shift in mood superbly with your description of the demise of Dave's flamethrower team. I think we've all had games where what we may have planned as the game-winning trump bites the dust without even a hint of game-winning performance, and it can truly suck the hope out of you. So a very deep bow to Dave's patience and perseverance to keep plugging away to bring off the victory.
Thanks. Losing the Sherman, the flamethrower and the barrage (although he got it back again) were a series of disheartening blows and I sensed Dave’s mood change. I also know him well enough that for as long as he thought he still had a chance he wasn’t going to give in easily and so it transpired. One more thing I’ve learned in all my years of gaming is not to bank or gamble on a single weapon or move winning a game. Not that it can’t happen but it’s not likely. Chances are it will come from a combination of units and events and if you approach it that way the loss of a key weapon, while dispiriting, is not enough for you to give up hope.

I think there’s a military maxim along the lines of “if you are taking heavy losses then it’s probably a sign that the combat is intense and the enemy is taking heavy losses too”. In other words, the enemy commander is most likely feeling as pessimistic as you. I certainly never felt that I had the upper hand.
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Re: 29, Let's Go! campaign (updated 26 07 20)

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This particular campaign is rough in that the Americans can afford to take horrendous casualties on any particular table because they know they get a fresh, full-strength platoon for the next go. Some aggregate of the Mens' Opinion should probably be tracked for this game, as if it becomes too much of a meat-grinder their starting Force Morale should be affected accordingly.

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Re: 29, Let's Go! campaign (updated 26 07 20)

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I agree Munin....esp as I am playing the Germans in 29 Lets Go presently.

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