Painting 6mm 3D-printed French Line Infantry: Step-by-step

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Painting 6mm 3D-printed French Line Infantry: Step-by-step

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Hello Chaps and Chapettes!

I recently got into painting 6mm Napoleonics for the first time, having set myself the challenge of trying to design 3D-printable 6mm figures.

So far I've produced complete infantry, command and foot artillery sets for France, Austria, Russia and Prussia themed around 1805-1806.

While I was able to get most of the design work done within a week, painting them has been an altogether different challenge! It had been a year since I'd last painted anything and I'd never tried 6mm before, so there was a lot of trial and error. It's taken a couple of weekends of... making a fair few mistakes.

At any rate, I got to painting my prototype battalions and now, having got a method down for each nation, I intend to share some tutorials every Sunday. This week I'm starting with the French. You can read my guide and look at the pretty pictures here: ... 14b6d90519

If you like the look of the miniatures, please do consider subscribing for a notification of when I release them. I recently transitioned into doing design work full-time, rather than as a sideshow hobby, and would really appreciate the support if you think the product's good! ... -stl-files

Thank you and please do leave your comments regarding my technique - I fear that my choosing to go for a white primer and contrast paints does rather fly in the face of the black undercoat orthodoxy that I understand to be the given for 6mm :p

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