Early Byzantine Skutatoi- Different Colour Experiment

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Early Byzantine Skutatoi- Different Colour Experiment

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Just a quick post to keep things up to speed. I have been experimenting with different colour schemes for the tunics for the different Unarmoured Skutatoi Units that will be standing as the main battle line in the army along with their Armoured Comrades (in Shieldwall). I have avoided the temptation to go for purely complimentary colours as they often create a hard contrast which, given the surface area of the miniature that will be covered by my chosen hues of "Green" and "Yellow" would tend towards the dynamic between the colours being too strong. I have also shifted the hue of the green slightly.

I am happy with the way in which the colour schemes have worked out on this the second unit of Unarmoured Skutatoi but as always, I would be very interested in hearing what you guys think?

Please note, the models are unvarnished. so no gloss and matting down as of yet.

The first unit is still waiting, somewhat impatiently for the gloss to dry so I can finally matt the miniatures down, paint the banner and base it up so pics of that very soon.

More pics and waffle can be found on my blog here:
https://justaddwater-bedford.blogspot.c ... t-two.html

For now though......


Cheers :)

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