1942 Japanese - appropriate Foundry paints

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1942 Japanese - appropriate Foundry paints

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With the old eyeballs Mk1 heading towards structural obsolescence, I could do with some help here. I've looked everywhere for Foundry-Vallejo comparison sites, and You Tube videos that use Foundry paints, but can't find any matches for the VMC paint set sold by Warlord for Japanese troops. I have never been able to cope with the Vallejo "dropper bottle", so I'm afraid they're out of the running. Could anyone help by providing a list of Foundry triads that will work for each aspect of the uniform/kit of the infantry? (I'm assuming gunmetal and "oriental flesh" will do what it says on the tin....or pot.) The VMC colours are:-
884 - Stone Grey (officer's shirt)
886 - Green Grey (shirts and puttees)
983 - Flat Earth (boots, belt, ammo pouches - leather essentially)
984 - Flat Brown (weapon stocks)

Most importantly, what would you recommend for 923 - Japanese Uniform, which I've been told is actually wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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