King joseph's spanish army

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King joseph's spanish army

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Hi just wondering were i could find information and uniforms details on the spanish army under Joseph. New to wargaming

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Re: King joseph's spanish army

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Hello and welcome!

Osprey publishes a series called Men-at-Arms, and I have their older, un-numbered edition of "Spanish Armies of the Napoleonic Wars" which includes a section on Joseph's army. Apparently they have a newer edition out, MAA # 334 "Spanish Armies of the Napoleonic Wars (3)", that I have not read but is supposed to include this info as well.

A quick skim of what I have here looks like there were on paper about two dozen regiments in total in Joseph's service over the course of the war. Almost all of them were organized and equipped in the French style, but only the guards were in blue while most of the other units were in brown. Apparently the foreign legion unit was very colorful, with each battalion in a very distinct uniform.

There's a nice short piece about the infantry here, as well: ... antry.html

Let me know if you're looking for more details!

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Re: King joseph's spanish army

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You can look for this, it's in spanish but has pictures and a lot of info ... ?ebook=off

El ejercito español de Jose I

Luis Sorando Muzas

Ed. Desperta Ferro

ISBN 978-84-946499-1-2

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