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Help me improve the Wikipedia article on Kriegsspiel!

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 2:47 pm
by Bifford
A couple of years ago, I wrote the Wikipedia article for Kriegsspiel (the original 1824 version by Georg Reisswitz). I read the English translation of Reisswitz's rulebook, but I have never played Kriegsspiel myself and I don't know much about early 19th century warfare, so I am not to certain if my summary of the rules is correct. I wrote my summary from the perspective of somebody who plays modern wargames (particularly the Total War computer games); I thought that was a good starting point for modern readers.

If anyone here knows 1824 Kriegsspiel, I would much like it if you could review my write-up and offer feedback. And have patience with me! I don't know old-timey wargames well, they seem very different from modern games. ... les_(1824)

Many thanks in advance!