Chariots in Infamy

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Re: Chariots in Infamy

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As TT says, scythe chariots are very rare despite what some Wargamers like to think or Wargames rules allow. They appear to have been used as a device to break up infantry phalanxes and were one shot weapons which quickly proved useless as disciplined troops learnt how to counter them.

Too many Wargames rules treat chariots as if they were some kind of tank. Infamy, Infamy! does a far better job of capturing their main role to provide fast moving harassing fire then deliver their occupant to where they can dismount to fight or a means to break off and withdraw.


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Re: Chariots in Infamy

Post by DougM »

or drawn by elephants on the severus arch.

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Re: Chariots in Infamy

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Yup after 30 years of playing ancients not one rule set I can think of treats chariots properly.

In their period against untrained or poorly disciplined infantry they would feint charge and shoot at close range.

If the infantry wavered they could charge into the disrupted infantry.
Otherise they would wheel out of range and repeat.

Once disciplined infantry and good cavalry arrived chariots were dropped pretty quickly and universally

Last ones I know of to be used in Europe were Picts 70-80AD and that is disputed.

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