Infamy basing

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Infamy basing

Post by Gamerdom »

Hi Guys

Sorry hunted high and low for an answer so thought I'd ask direct. Is there a preferred figure basing size? I know I saw a comment that it doesnt really matter, but I have also seen what looks like Rich's forces on 2p sized bases, but it could be 1ps!! Thoughts? Thanks. Sorry should add for 28mm figures


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Re: Infamy basing

Post by Nikephorous »

Hi Dom,

For the sake of easy pickup games you might like to go with the basing system used by Rich in his demos on the armies that you can find on YouTube. It looks like he uses 1p pieces for basing - but I could be wrong there.

My reasoning for going with this is that a new person would be more likely to use the default basing in the rules. Others use Impetus (120mm frontage) and half-Impetus basing - such as the brilliant armies of John Savage as shown on the Facebook page.

For playing my initial games whilst I wait on sabot bases, I will be using 3x 40x40 bases from my Swordpoint games (giving a 120mm frontage for foot, and settling for 100mm for cavalry). If you are lucky enough to have some friends, club members or close gamers you can work out as a group what you want to do.

From everything I have seen it will be ok if frontages don't match perfectly - these rules have been written by a wargamer and not an engineer with a micrometer. It is the spirit of the game that is important, not 0.3mm or 1.25 degrees of angle... ;-)

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Re: Infamy basing

Post by Quackstheking »

Rich's default basing is for ordinary infantry/warriors to be on individual 1p bases which are then put into sabot cases. Sabot bases for infamy, Infamy! are produced by both Warbases and Sabotag3d. Barbarians are in 10's and Romans in 8's. The width of both sabot bases is the same by judiciously increasing the depth of the base for the Barbarians!

Rich's leaders are on 2p coins. For myself I use slightly bigger bases but then put the same number of figures on the bases as the level of the Status of the Leader.

Deployment/Ambush points are just little dramas on 50/60mm circles.

Hope that helps.


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