Getting into Kriegsspiel?

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Getting into Kriegsspiel?

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Hi folks

I’m tempted to get into Kriegsspiel (particularly as it can be played remotely given the current lockdown in the U.K.). Other than the rules, I’m trying to work out what tokens/ blocks/ measuring devices etc are required and where they can be purchased from. I’ve found a few US based retailers, but struggling to find anyone in the U.K..

Ideally I’m looking for a self-contained full set, kind of like this beauty: https://inanutshellantiquesandinterior ... oducts/546

That one has sold (I suspect for a small fortune), but if there’s a modern, reasonably priced equivalent you could point me in the direction of I’d be very grateful.


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Re: Getting into Kriegsspiel?

Post by Nellkyn »

The only UK supplier, I'm a were of, is Irregular Miniatures. Their blocks are white metal and need painting. I believe there's some minor problems with them regarding their size but I don't know details. ... cindex.htm

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Re: Getting into Kriegsspiel?

Post by siggian »

I wonder if just using their 2mm figures would work? More painting required but then cavalry would look like cavalry, etc

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