Fog...not of war, but of visibility

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Fog...not of war, but of visibility

Post by donglewwe »

My curiosity is centered on the morning of 16 Dec 44, but figured it was generic enough to post on this thread.

I assume the range of tactical visibility in fog is equivalent to the length of a piece of string, but wondered what people (other than me) thought would be an acceptable range to impose on a game, as well as how much to allow it to vary within that game (in minutes?...seconds?...hours?).

My reason for posting/asking this is a sort-of-solo playing of the 'Bloody Bucket' PSC for CoC, and I'm thinking of interjecting some of the usual gaming fog (of war) by including the meteorological kind for the first scenario to keep the first moves of both sides hidden along the lines of blinds.

So...worth it?...waste of time?...?

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Re: Fog...not of war, but of visibility

Post by Levi the Ox »

I don't know if a "visibility range" is going to add much to Chain of Command, as the table represents a fairly small area and opposing Jump-Off Points will often be within two average run moves of each other anyway. Perhaps apply a level of cover to anything beyond close range?

I grew up on the edge of marshland, and the fog pooled thickest in low-lying areas and hung in foliage, even after it had lifted everywhere else. Consider applying the advanced rule for spotting units in buildings to all pieces of terrain at ground level, as the fog will make it very difficult to pick troops out from ground clutter until they move or fire.

In Chain of Command the Patrol Phase can cover most of your metaphorical fog-of-war, but if you want to tweak it consider placing Jump-Off Points no more than 9" back from Patrol Markers, even if this leaves them in the open. This both reflects the ease of approaching unseen and the disorienting effect of fog on awareness of your surroundings, as when it lifts you could find yourself someplace you didn't intend to be.

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Re: Fog...not of war, but of visibility

Post by DougM »

I would be inclined to use the visibility rule from the random events table for heavy rain. Visibility limited to 18 inches. You could get very sophisticated but this would work.

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