Ancient Germanic reading recommendations

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Re: Ancient Germanic reading recommendations

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Valid remark, when confined to tactics. On other subjects some passages of the literary sources can definitely be proven right by archaeological findings. But of course that ends up being 'confined'. Still, it's a good thing that we have some visual (though Roman) art of Suebian knots and that one skull with the hair still in a knot. At least that's near perfect.

I personally think that the fact that some things will never truly be known is kind of romantic. Ages veiled in mystery with tiny hints of what-might-have-been without complete explanations, that sort of thing. On the other hand I completely understand the desire to get to the bottom of things and finding some real answers. But in the end those quests almost always come down to headbutting speculations. And without any real evidence supporting one or the other theory... Why am I thinking about politics all of a sudden?

Your point about the infantry seems very logical indeed. However Caesar even writes about Gallic archers and lightly armed infantry mixed in with their cavalry at Alesia, specifically mentioning that one of their tasks was resist charges of the Roman cavalry. Not without succes according to Caesar himself. If memory serves me correctly, in one of the Punic Wars the Romans at one point even had their horsemen take along velites so they could hop off and throw their javelins at the enemy.

Stranger things have happened in war, I guess.

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