Coastal Patrol Questions

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Coastal Patrol Questions

Post by DeRuyter »

I had several players in a recent play test game raise issues with the rules and I wondered if anyone here who has played or run CP games had this come up.

First there was a dislike of all the dice rolling for hits and damage mainly with large caliber guns which roll multiple d6 for "hits" if the shell hits the target. Has anyone streamlined this process?

What happens when the damage location is already destroyed? Do you roll again or just say that was a wasted roll?

If you fail at a spotting attempt can you continue to make other spotting attempts on different targets if you have actions left?

Similarly we treated blinds just as a ship, so rolling for actions and moving like a ship.

Thanks for any responses.

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Re: Coastal Patrol Questions

Post by JamesSchmidt13 »

1) The dice rolling for the large caliber guns vs. automatic weapons came about because oh the nature of a large HE shell as opposed to small arms against basically plywood. To streamline that process would lessen the detailed damage which is how the system works. It does not use hit points.
2) If a section is already destroyed, then we play there is no additional damage.
3) You may continue to spot the same target or a new target as long as you have actions left.
4) You are correct in treating blinds as ships.

Per Lardy philosophy, change what you don't like.

I am the author of these rules. If you have any other questions or comments you can get me at I would love to here from you.

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Re: Coastal Patrol Questions

Post by mluther »

I guess our group likes the damage rolls. We've had some games where there is massive mutual destruction and other where one side hasn't even appeared to have been in a fight. But every game has been very enjoyable

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Re: Coastal Patrol Questions

Post by Archdukek »

I haven’t encountered any problem from players rolling the extra damage dice rolls when using larger guns, it’s seen as part of the fun and reflects the kind of random damage which might occur. Mind you I tend not to use that many in a game, perhaps one or two a side.

As for hitting an already damaged section twice, that’s tough luck we treat it as having no further effect but usually joke about the enemy really having it in for that piece of kit.

We allow multiple spotting attempts if there are sufficient actions though I usually advise players to concentrate on improving their spotting attempt on one target.

We treat blinds as ships but don’t factor in any bonuses for veterans since that can give the game away.

The games are always fast, furious and great fun. I think the rules capture the chaotic nature of these fights very well. Quite often the participants who survived historic encounters had no clear idea what actually happened or what damage they had inflicted.


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