Sharp Practice 1809 - Whole Lotta Rosi - Amsterdam March 2020

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Sharp Practice 1809 - Whole Lotta Rosi - Amsterdam March 2020

Post by Greuthungi » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:42 pm


The year is 1809. All over the German speaking lands, the secret Tugendbund (League of Virtue) is conspiring with the Austrian emperor. They plan to spring a rebellion when the Austrians invade Bavaria. The British are in on it and will land in Holland and Northern Germany.
During the Skandal am Sperrbezirk event in March this year, we learned that several Tugendbund rebellions were successful. Major von Schill took his Hussars on a long ride past Westphalia, with part of his Freikorps escaping to England. The Black Duke of Brunswick led his Legion to Handwerp, which was almost captured after a stiff fight with Poles and Danes. Meanwhile, the British had successfully landed in Roompot, but failed in their attempt to aid the Black Legion in Handwerp. In the South, the Austrians fended off a French/Italian attack on Donaustadt, which led them to assault the Wies’n. Notorious Tugendbund leader Rosi was rumoured to be in the local Hotel d’Amour, but attempts to free her from the clutches of the French failed twice. Still, reports claimed that she was seen fighting the French in Handwerp, dressed in black.

In 2020, a Whole Lotta Rosi will feature a renewed search for Tugendbund leader Rosi, to finally thwart the rebellions and set the Confederation of the Rhine on a path to be the shining example of democracy. Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit!

Come to Amsterdam for a day or a weekend and see whether you can make the difference!
Whole Lotta Rosi is a Sharp Practice Open Event, focused on a Narrative Campaign. Players will have individual goals, while trying to win games as a team. The event is organized by the Amsterdam6shooters Wargame Club.
Use the Consolidated Arsenal! It's here: ... /htmlview#

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