Winter Wonder Lard - 12th Feb 2022 Bristol, UK

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Winter Wonder Lard - 12th Feb 2022 Bristol, UK

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After a COVID inflicted hiatus, Winter Wonder Lard is back!

Hosted in the fantastic facilities of Bristol Independent Gaming, Winter Wonder Lard is a Lardy Day in the classic format: a game in the morning, a game in the afternoon, followed by optional beer and curry.

We currently have games of Chain of Command, Sharp Practice, Bag the Hun and What a Cowboy on offer, plus wargames celebrity Mark Backhouse will be running the latest Reisswitz Press release, Strength and Honour! If you're interested in running a game, we have space for more.

Tickets are on sale now, costing just £10 for the day's gaming (with free entry for those kind enough to run a game). Payment secures your place!

Full details of the event and payment details are here (you don't need a Facebook account to view the page): ... discussion

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