A Participation Game of “Infamy, Infamy” at Partizan

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A Participation Game of “Infamy, Infamy” at Partizan

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Very excited to be going to my first real “in person” show next week at Partizan and putting on a game of Infamy, Infamy with some of the guys from the Harrogate Club.

The last show we attended was Hammerhead 2020 where we put on a preview game of Infamy, with plans to roll it out at more shows during the year. Well that didn’t happen!

So, it seemed only right to start off the new show season where we left off with Infamy, Infamy.

It’ll be a classic clash between the darling of Rome, Centurion Crismus Bonus himself and his arch nemesis Valueaddedtax the Druid who is stirring up trouble with the local tribes.

We’ll be running the game as a participation game and are hoping to get plenty of players involved during the day.

So if you you’d like to try Infamy, come along to table PG6 under the Harrogate Wargames Club name and give us a shout.

You can play a couple of turns, stay for the whole day or just chat about Infamy and all things Lard!

Hopefully we’ll see lots of you next Sunday.



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