Force Morale Trackers for Dux Britanniarum

Morale Tracker ImageThe Force Morale system in Dux Britanniarum is a key part of the game and is easily tracked by a D6 or two on the table edge. However, a far smarter arrangement is to use the Force Morale Trackers designed for the rules and great when used with a suitable figure placed on your current morale level. I like to use a Priest for the Romano-British and a Wicca or Shaman for the Saxons. You can download the Force Morale Tracker here: Force Morale Trackers


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  1. Thanks Rich, that will be handy. The other 2 things we scratched were a ” champion attack” card to hide the dice under before they were revealed simultaneously, and a card to record the number of fate cards for the game (as we have the memories of gold fish it helps keep track of how many each side had available).
    Great stuff….

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