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February Grand Prize Draw

BG023-front-thumbAfter the fun we had with our prize draws towards the end of last year we are happy to announce that, due to popular request, we are running another fantastic draw throughout February. 
For every £10 you spend on our we store one entry will go into the draw, so if you spend £12 you get one entry, if you spend £25 you get two entries.  The great news is that the first prize is a years hard copy subscription to the peerless Battlegames magazine.  In addition to this great prize we will have four runners up prizes, including hard copy rule sets, pdf products and the legendary Lard Dice. 
The draw to find the lucky winners will be taking place on the 1st of March, so now is the time to bring your collection of Lard up to date.  Good luck!


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Sharp Practice Video 4 Released: Command and Turn Sequence

Part 4 of the epic is now up on YouTube and it’s a pretty important one as it covers what is really at the core of the rules, the application of Command resources to get the best from your men. You can see it here.  Please do feel free to ask any questions by leaving

The 2016 Summer Special Arrives

Well, better late than never, the Summer Special has arrived on Lard Island and we can seed why the stork took so long to deliver, its a bouncing bundle of 136 pages of Lard, bulging at the seams with scenarios, campaigns and articles.  You can find the contents below or, if you prefer, just leap

The 1940 Handbook: We Talk to the Author

It’s been nearly a month since the 1940 Handbook for Chain of Command was released so with all of the interest in the Blitzkrieg phase of the war, we though we’d talk to the author to get a feel for what is inside especially as this is the first Handbook produced for Chain of Command. 

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