Dux Britanniarum, the Video, on You Tube

Its the one you’ve been waiting for and asking for and finally we have got into the studio and produced the first part of the Dux Britanniarum series. In Part One we look at what you get, the rule book, the maps, the cards. We discuss the historical background to the period and look at getting our characters ready for the game.
We’re already in the studio filming Part Two, so hopefully not long to wait for that.
The video is also available to view on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqFXI7XvVvA


5 thoughts on “Dux Britanniarum, the Video, on You Tube”

  1. Really enjoyed the presentation and was almost, but not quite tempted to jump in. You know me, no tanks, no thanks, but still a much more polished performance and production. Well done.

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